Enhance Your Bathroom with Custom Floating Vanities

Design Showcase Floating vanities are popping up everywhere in bathroom design. While creating a custom look, wall mounted vanities have many advantages. Being able to mount against the wall means you don’t have to rely on a floor surface yet still offering functionality in your bath design. Floating vanities are an excellent option for small spaces because it visually opens up the space, but does not have to limit your storage options. Whether you choose Wood-Mode, Durasupreme, or Bellmont cabinetry our vendors at Design Showcase in Napa California can custom make a floating vanity for your space. When we design a bath we combine the countertop material with the cabinet plus the faucet to make sure it all works together. Working together our designs can be traditional or contemporary. They can be made in a wide range of colors, woods, or styles. We can custom fit for width, length, or height to maximize function and design. Each floating vanity can be 6, 8, or 12” off the floor and still reach the adult height most people desire at 36” total. The countertop will be cut at any height to match with your cabinet below. Quartz from Caesarstone has been popular as easy care option. Your floating vanity can have doors or drawers. Wood-Mode, Durasupreme, or Bellmont cabinetry can be made with drawers under the sink while making a cut out for the plumbing. Drawers are handy for useful storage and more function while you will a clean contemporary look.




Hardware like Top Knobs, Belwith Keeler and Atlas Hardware are all well-known brands in the realm of decorative hardware for floating vanities. Each brand offers a unique style and aesthetic ranging from modern and sleek to classic and ornate. Top Knobs is particularly famous for its high-end high-quality knobs and handles at moderate prices. Belwith offers a range of products with a focus on functionality and durability while adding furniture weight to each knob and pull. Atlas on the other hand is known for its modern and minimalist designs. Choosing the right hardware can greatly impact the overall look and feel of a floating vanity so it’s essential to consider factors like style material and quality when making your selection.

Tile vendors like Akdo, Porcelanosa, Walker Zanger and Jeffrey Court are well known brands in the tile and flooring industry. Porcelanosa is a Spanish company that specializes in ceramics and porcelain tiles, offering a wide range of designs and styles. Walker Zanger is an American company that offers a variety of natural stone and porcelain tile products as well as kitchen and bath fixtures. Jeffrey Court is an Italian brand that produces high-quality natural stone and ceramic tiles, known for their elegant design and durability. Akdo tiles are made of porcelain. The company has a comprehensive porcelain collection that includes high-tech and handcrafted, which have been used in prestigious contemporary architecture projects.

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